Step 5 - Launch

The fifth step in the Test Wizard setup.

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Step 5

Lastly, you select your desired test date and start time. In this case, if you are running a Rapid Test that is set to begin at 4:00pm on Tuesday, 5th March, you should expect it to deliver results by 6:00pm the same day.

Note: Due to our Team Lead review and invitation process, the earliest a test can start is the next full hour +1 (e.g. current time: 9:40am / test time: 11:00am, current time: 5:05pm / test time: 7:00pm). Duration ranges vary based on Test Type, from two hours (Rapid Test) up to 48 hours.

Click Create Test.
This will essentially save the test in "draft." At this point:

•You should review all test information and make any adjustments as needed before you submit the test and tester/Team Leader invitations go out.
•If you need to leave and return to it, can find your test on the "All Tests" page in the same state. 

Note: There is no "draft" for Rapid Tests, the test is in the "Submitted" stage once you complete the test creation wizard.

To edit the Goal, Out of Scope, Additional Requirement fields before submitting follow the appropriate steps below:

  1. On the test cycle page, click on Edit at the bottom of the page, make the desired changes, then click Update which will return you to the test cycle draft with updated fields.

To edit the Features before submitting follow the appropriate steps below:

  1. Open the Manage Features page in a new tab

  2. Make the change to the Feature in the new tab

  3. Click Submit

  4. If you also need to make additional edits to the instructions, click Edit > Update.

Once all information has been confirmed you can Submit the test.

Continue reading the below section, "Test Setup Examples and Walkthroughs," for more in-depth test setup guides.

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