Once test IO’s crowd testers report a software issue, teams use the detailed bug report to fix the bug in the code. When the patch is ready, use bug fix confirmation to verify that the issue is resolved.

Testers will follow the reproduction steps provided in the initial bug report and will report on whether they have been able to find the issue. After the verification is completed, you’ll be reported on the status of the execution.

STEP 1: Request a bug fix confirmation

  1. Select a previously accepted bug you want to retest via search or bug list on a test cycle level. Click "Confirm Fix" at the bottom of the bug report page.

  2. Select or add the test environment or upload a new build to test the fix.

  3. (Optional) Specify the device and possible browser (for web tests) that should be used by the tester to confirm your bug fix. By default this is the device type the original bug has been identified on.
    You can define multiple requirements. Each bug fix will be tested on one device that falls into your choice.

  4. Add instructions if any of the reproduction steps vary from the original report (user credentials, URL, or access data)

  5. Submit your bug fix confirmation request

STEP 2: Retest

After the bug fix confirmation is submitted, it is assigned to a tester with a matching device. The tester then repeats the steps that led to the bug. If the tester is experiencing issues with accessing the environment or following the steps (due to missing credentials or any other access issues) you will be instantly notified.

STEP 3: Results

You’ll receive an email notification about the status of your bug fix confirmation. On average, it takes us 30-60 minutes to find a matching tester and run the bug fix confirmation.

No matter the outcome, the tester will attach a screencast showing the bug (or its absence), and add a comment which you can access via the "Bug Requests" page.

The confirmation can pass or fail. We may also identify issues that prevent confirmation of the bug fix. If the confirmation fails, you can request a confirmation of a new bug fix.

Bug fix confirmation requests will expire if we are not able to find a matching tester within 24 hours. This may happen if the device you have requested is highly specific.

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