F.A.Q. - Bug Fix Confirmation with test IO

Frequently asked questions about confirming bug fixes with test IO crowd

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What problem can bug fix confirmations fix / help with?

  • Overcome existing or potential bottlenecks in QA /Dev teams struggling to confirm a bug fix on a range of devices in a given time frame.

  • Double check if the bugs are actually fixed before deploying to production / app store.

How long does it take testers to complete the bug fix confirmation?

20 โ€“ 30 minutes on average. This however depends on the device scope you selected for the given bug fix confirmation. If you want to necessarily retest the bug on a particular device model or/and operation system, it may lead to longer delivery times.

Can I request multiple bug fix confirmations at the same time?

You can only request and carry out one bug fix confirmation at a time per bug. If you need to retest one bug on a range of devices, you have to wait till the first confirmation is complete and submit a new one.

However you can retest as many different bugs parallelly as you want.

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