How does the test IO referral program work?

Simply invite contacts from your network to check out test IO.

If your referral’s company becomes a test IO customer, you’ll both receive a $3,000 credit for test IO services.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can claim. Refer test IO to multiple contacts, and claim credits for any companies that become test IO customers.

How do I invite friends?

Once logged into test IO, go to the referral page. You can then invite your contacts via the link provided, or by email. This link will lead them to a page where they can confirm their interest – and someone from our team will reach out to them schedule an introductory call.

What counts as a successful referral?

Your referral’s company must become a contracted customer with test IO within 6-months of introduction in order to be eligible for the referral bonus. Accepting and completing an introductory call does not qualify as a referral – the company must sign a paid contract with test IO.

Program Terms

Referrals may only be made to companies not currently using test IO. For example: if two people you refer work at the same company, you can only earn one credit for that company becoming a customer. If the second person worked at a different company that also became a test IO customer, you would be eligible to receive a second credit.

For full terms and conditions about the test IO referral program, please see the test IO policies.

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