What are Session Reports?

What are session reports and possible use cases for this hidden feature.

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Learning from the ideas behind session based testing, we introduce Session Reports. In this initial release, they are a simple text field to be filled out by testers at the end of their test session in addition to the bugs they submit in exploratory tests.

This feature does not have a customer interface as of now, but the question/instruction for these reports can be configured by our CSM team. After the session survey question is configured in our system, all tests created in a given product will have session reports activated for testers.

How to request session reports

  • This feature does not have a customer interface yet for activation or result display

  • Please contact your CSM with the request, the relevant product and your intended question for the testers.

  • When session reports are activated for your product, your CSM will export and email you the reports separately after the tests.

How it works for testers

When Session Reports are configured testers will see a new button appear in the action bar at the bottom of their test details page.

Filing a session report signals the end of their test session. This means testers will not be able to submit more bug reports after submitting their Session Report.

Possible use cases

As you can see, session reports are somewhat experimental. We would like to find out what session reports can be useful for. We, therefore, ask you to make use of them whenever you see any possible benefit from them. Examples are: asking testers how the test setup could be improved, asking testers how much time they spent or if any feature was difficult to test, asking testers for their opinion on <anything>.

Please reach out to your CSM, in case you believe you can benefit from this feature.

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