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Rich Text Editor – with picture options
Rich Text Editor – with picture options

Editor to highlight and format instruction texts

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The rich text editor allows for fast and convenient formatting and structuring of your instruction texts and feature descriptions, making it easier to communicate complex information and highlight the most important aspects for our testers.

NEW: Since March 2023 you can add pictures right into your texts, to enhance your feature descriptions & test instructions and provide additional visualizations that guide our testers in your tests.

The editor is currently available for the following text fields:

  • Feature descriptions

    • Where can the feature be found?

    • Description (expected behavior and functions)

  • Test instructions for Exploratory and Test Case tests

    • Goal of this test

    • Out of scope

    • Additional requirements

Example: Rich Text Editor for test instruction fields (here: Test case test)

Example: Rich Text Editor for test instruction fields (here: Test case test)

How to use the editor

You will automatically see the editor whenever you edit one of the related fields, or create a new feature. On small screens, the options can be scrolled horizontally.

The formatted text will be displayed wherever the texts are shown in our customer interface and also to our testers and teamleaders.

Using the rich text editor is optional. It is still possible to provide and write plain text instructions.

Options in detail

Example use of all rich text options: (without pictures)

General functions

  • Undo & Redo (available for your actions during one editing / creating process)

Insert pictures

Pictures can be added anywhere into your texts. You can drag and drop them into the text field, copy and paste them, or search and upload from your system using the "Add Picture" button in the tool bar.

Good to know:

  • You can add an optional caption text to each image.

  • The display size will depend on the width of your image.

  • You can position 1 or 2 pictures in one row, 2 will be displayed smaller.

  • You can drag the pictures freely between your text rows

  • Each file can be up to 5 MB in size.

  • There is no limitation to the number of images in one text field.

  • Considering readability and balance between text and pictures, we recommend to add not more than 5 images to one text field.

Options for single letters, words and paragraphs:

  • Bold / Highlight ( = adds a blue color highlight to your text) / Strikethrough / Link

  • Note: If you add a link, make sure you enter the full path including https:// or http:// prefix.

Options for lines or paragraphs

  • Headline (1 size available) / Quote / Code / Bullet lists / Numbered lists

Options for lists

  • Increase list level OR Decrease list level

    • NOTE: We recommend using 1 or 2 list levels, to make sure testers can still read your instructions on smaller devices

Not-included functions

  • With the switch to the Rich Text Editor we no longer support markdown formatting in these text fields

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