New users can be invited via the "Manage Users" page you find linked in the top right corner of the page. All you need to invite a new team member is a name and email address.

There is no limit on how many people can be invited. There are also no specific guest or admin rights; everyone invited shares the same functional rights and is equally able to set up and review tests or invite new team members.

On the Manage Users page, you can see all registered users of your team as well as people with pending or expired invitations.

Here you can send out new invitations and resend or delete expired ones.

You can also manually expire a pending invitation, if needed. Manually expiring is also necessary when you want to send a fresh invite to an already invited person. (for each email address only 1 pending invite is possible at one time).

Invitation process

  1. Go to the "Manage User" page of your account using the submenu you find in the top right corner next to your user name.

2. Open the "Invite a user" function you'll find at the bottom of the page.

3. In the next window add the name and email of your team member. You can also add a personal message of your choice.

Invite a new user to your Test IO team

4. After you submit the information an invitation email is sent to the new user

5. The new user will receive the invitation email from our central platform system CIRRO, asking them to join your team account on Test IO. It includes an invitation link that is valid for 7 days, and can be resent by you, if necessary.

6. Following the invitation link will lead your team member to the following Sign-Up screen. Here they can choose their preferred method to sign-in to Test IO:

  • Use an existing Single Sign-On account (e.g. using LinkedIn or Google logins)

  • Create a new sign-up based on their email address.

7. Depending on the selected method the new user might be asked to confirm their address or account.

8. In a last step the user is asked to add or confirm details to their account

9. Once the sign-up is completed the new team member will automatically be forwarded to your joint Test IO space and is ready to start tests or check out previous results.

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