The most commonly asked questions about testing processes and procedures.

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How do I export to a bug tracker?
What is the difference between a "Comment" and a "Request for Information?"
When should I expect to see bugs for a test?
Why are we not receiving bugs on all devices requested within a test?
How do I know that testers are actually testing, and how can I be sure that they thoroughly tested the feature(s) specified?
When do I add a rejected (as intended behavior) bug to the known bug list vs. update the Feature description?
How do I ensure fixed bugs get tested? Do I mention them specifically?
How do I know to "accept" a bug vs. "mark it as known?"
Why do I keep receiving new bugs after the test has ended?
Should I accept all bugs that are valid but maybe unimportant to me?
Which bug trackers are supported by test IO integrations?
What is "mapping" in the bug tracker configuration?
What does the "Reset/Lock Connections" option under Dashboard settings mean?
How to deal with requests for testers from "exotic" countries?
What are the "manual" vs. "automatic" settings for bug exporting?
What’s the difference between comments and information requests?
When should I expect the bugs to appear on the Dashboard interface?
Why should you be specific about the way in which you handle certain bugs?
Why can't tests be edited via the interface after submitting?