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Request reproductions on-demand and triage your bugs with certainty

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Bug Report Confirmation is an individual bug action, helping you to triage your bugs with more certainty. Each confirmation is executed by an experienced tester who will reproduce and verify the initial bug on a device type of your choice. In addition, you can ask for further information (e.g. screen size) or specific attachments (e.g. display of internet speed) to get deeper insight.

You will be notified when the confirmation is done and the result is added to your bug report – allowing you to accept or reject the bug with more confidence.


Bug Report Confirmation is available for open, un-triaged bugs on the test IO platform. The confirmation is done in the same environment as your test cycle in the original bug language.

Step 1: Request a Confirmation

  1. Select an open bug that requires additional confirmation, then click "Confirm Bug" at the bottom of the bug report page.

  2. (Optional) Specify the device and possible browser (for web tests) that should be used to reproduce your bug. By default this is the device type of the original bug report. While you can add multiple requirements, each confirmation will be executed on one device of your choosing.

  3. (Optional) Choose from a range of additional information that might help you to evaluate the bug better – or define your own ask.

  4. (Optional) Choose from a range of specific attachments to get further insight.

  5. Submit your Bug Report Confirmation request.

Step 2: Confirmation by a tester

After your request is submitted, it is assigned to an experienced tester with a matching device. The tester then reproduces the bug, following the steps of the original report and determines if the bug can be confirmed on the device or not.

The tester also attaches a screenshot/screencast showing the bug (or its absence), adds a comment and provides the requested specific information and attachments.

If the tester experiences issues with accessing the environment or executing all the steps (e.g. due to missing credentials) you will be notified.

STEP 3: Results

You’ll receive an email notification with the status of your Bug Report Confirmation. On average, it takes 30-60 minutes to find a matching tester and run the bug confirmation.

The Bug Report Confirmation is displayed prominently in the list of open bugs and at the top of every confirmed bug, until triaged. If you request more than one Confirmation for a bug you will see the last result there.

Result details and overview

All details will be permanently available on a request detail page.

The summarised result will also be added to the original bug report below the reproduction information – and all details included in a bug comment. The results are included in any bug export that happens after the confirmation, so you'll have them available in your bug tracker.

All requests across all test cycles are accessible through the central "Bug Requests" list.

Additional Options

You can cancel your request until it's picked up and started by a tester.

Bug report confirmation requests will expire if we are not able to find a matching tester within 24 hours. This may happen if the device you have requested is highly specific.


Bug Report Confirmation is available for all customers with unlimited Pro and Elite packages. For each bug you can request up to 3 (5 for Elite) – confirmations.

Use it when you need additional reproductions to make your triage decision, or when you want to check a specific device type or rule out temporary issues during the test time. With the additional information and attachments the confirmation can help you identify important bug specifics and investigate possible error sources up front.

If you want to contact the original bug reporter and only need extra information from this tester – without further reproduction attempts or attachments – use the Request for information button you found below every open bug.

To verify a bug fix after the bug triage, use Bug Fix Confirmation, which is available once a bug is accepted.

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